Sunday, July 11, 2010

PWA Lanzarote

yooo dudes !
Lanza is finish and I'm coming back to France to work and  rescue all the money lost-ed with the competition.
This year the forecast was not like the last year... no waves and light wind but everybody has sailing very well and the level it's just sick !! This is very good and motivating for the freestyle.
Unfortynately I have not had a good result, but I hope to do better the next year and do
my comingback full power !!

good ride ! see ya !!


Hello everybody ...
I have just joined the team vikteam with the help of  Julien Taboulet the team manager of this very young French brand.
 Im super happy to make part of this strong team with Sahra Quita, Tonky, Antony and Julian mass.
So now Im super motivate to go sailing with this new sick style yaeh !!!
Chek the  vikteam web site on

VKT represent !