Arthur Pollet
             Date of birth
             Freestyle and Wave

            Hobies :
            Surf, spearfishing, Jiu-jitsu

Arthur Pollet , Brazilian French windsurfer.
I live between Narbonne (France) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Mexico, Chixulum windsurf club , this is where I discovered windsurfing, And France Narbonne windsurf club .
But it's my return to Brazil,Rio de Janeiro (2003) when I made friends with a group of young windsurf freestylers that sport became my passion.
In 2006 I began my first’s national competitions in Brazil, and leave for trips to Jericoacoara and other Brazilian spots.
When I come back in France (2007) I spend my diploma BE sailing, and I participate in my first international competition (EFPT) in Tarifa, then I returned to Brazil to participate in world championship IFCA Freestyle (Icaraizinho) where I finished 5th.
  in 2009 I compete  my first PWA Freestyle event in Lanzarote , Fuerteventura and Sylt.